Congratulations, you have found the corporate identity guide of Inter-Actief. This guide has been proudly made for you, so you can always find how to present the identity of our association. In this guide you can find all the information about our corporate identity. The corporate identity consists of all the parts that contain our identity, for example posts, color usage, fonts, etc. If you are designing something for Inter-Actief, for example because you want to promote an event, than this guide tells you how to this.

    We hope that this guide will benefit you and that you are just as proud of our new corporate identity as we are. If you have any questions regarding our corporate identity, please ask them to one of the board members.


    The mark of Inter-Actief is based on the THT mark. Later on an arch was added which we now call the swirl. The mark does not contain the text Inter-Actief.

    The mark can be used on pins and other places where the amount of space is limited. When there is enough space please use the complete logo. If you want to use the logo in multiple places in a document you can also use the mark in subsequent places instead of the complete logo. The mark can be used in the original blue or white color as long as the contrast is good enough. Please use a margin of 10% around the mark as can be seen in the examples.


    100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%


    Mark (blue) AI PDF SVG PNG
    Mark (white) AI PDF SVG PNG
    • background is transparent
    • mark is white
    • PNG files are borderless


    The logo of Inter-Actief consists of the mark and the text Inter-Actief. The logo is used in all places where Inter-Actief is presented, unless the space is to small to fit the logo. Please make sure that all communication from Inter-Actief atleast contains a logo. If there really is no space for the full logo you can use the mark. The logo can be used in the original blue or white color as long as there is enough contrast. Please use a margin of 10% around the logo as can be seen in the examples.


    Logo vertical

    100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 24% 20% 10% 0%

    Logo horizontal

    100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%


    Logo vertical (blue) AI PDF SVG PNG
    Logo vertical (white) AI PDF SVG PNG
    Logo horizontal (blue) AI PDF SVG PNG
    Logo horizontal (white) AI PDF SVG PNG
    • background is transparent
    • logo is white
    • PNG files are borderless


    Committees that want to design a logo based on the Inter-Actief can also use a stand alone version of the swirl.




    Color Palette

    We use three colors as Inter-Actief. Besides blue, these are green and red. Ofcourse blue is the most recognizable and therefore we encourage you to create designs that use blue as much as possible. If you need to use multiple colors, you can use green and red besides blue, but only use these if it is necessary. In many cases a design consisting of only one color is much more pronounced than one that inappropriately uses a lot of different colors.

    Please ensure that the color you pick is suited for the medium you are designing for. Colors are listed both for digital as well as printed media.

    • Use PMS or CMYK for printed media.
    • Use RGB or HEX for digital media.

    Do not use tools to convert the color values, because they will not match the values that are shown below.

    Illustrator rounds color values internally. This can result different values after you input them.

    • The middle column shows the base color.
    • The left column shows a lighter variant
    • The right column shows a darker variant

    Blue is the main color.

    Pantone/PMS-7687 C (glossy)-
    CMYK79, 52, 0, 34100, 78, 0, 1879, 52, 0, 60
    RGB36, 80, 16829, 66, 13821, 48, 101

    Use green as the primary supporting color.

    Pantone/PMS-0356 C (glossy)-
    CMYK94, 0, 72, 4094, 0, 73, 5395, 0, 73, 70
    RGB9, 154, 437, 120, 334, 77, 21

    Use red as the secondary supporting color.

    Pantone/PMS-7627 C (glossy)-
    CMYK0, 77, 79, 140, 81, 83, 280, 80, 83, 38
    RGB220, 51, 46184, 35, 31157, 31, 27


    Typography is an important part of a corporate identity, thus we have defined fonts for the most common types of text. If your style of text does not clearly match one of the styles you are free to choose one. We discourage usage of other fonts unless there is a good reason for it. This prevents designs from looking chaotic.

    Headings (16pt)

    For headings we use Humanist521 BT Bold also called Humanst sometimes. Inter-Actief has a license to use this font so you are free to use it for designs related to the association.

    Body copy(12pt)

    Printed media

    For body copy on printed media a serif font is used, Palatine Linotype. This fonts is installed by default on Windows and OS X. The free (as in speech) alternative that you can use is Droid Serif.

    Digital media

    For body copy on digital media a sans-serif font is used. Open Sans (with Arial as fallback).


    Humanist521 BT Bold Droid Serif Open Sans


    One of the situtations that is not suited for the normal white logo is a watermark on a picture. Especially when to picture contains light colors. For this reason we provide a variant that is also visible on ligt background.



    AI PNG


    Ofcourse, the poster is one of the more important parts of the corporate identity of Inter-Actief. Posters are used frequently and are placed in places visible to both members and outsiders. Therefore it is important that our posters are high quality. We hope that the poster template will provide a good starting point for the design of Inter-Actief posters.

    You do not need to be an expert designer to design a poster. The template has ben constructed to make it easy to produce a nice poster with minimal effort. However if you want to let loose you creativity nothing is stopping you. We do ask however that you leave the common elements the same (title, name of committee, logo, etc.). This ensures that all posters have at least something in common and increases recognizability.

    This is how it works

    1. Download the template and open it.
    2. Fill in the name of the activity, date and locations at the top.
    3. Fill in the name of the committee at the bottom.
    4. Find a cool picture for the background and make sure that it is AT LEAST 4 MegaPixel.
    5. Save the poster as PDF and mail it to Xerox.


    • The layers (bottom right in Illustrator) contain a seperate layer for the background picture. If you import the picture as a layer and move it under the background layer, it will be cut to size automatically.
    • Even though the template can be used with many different background images, we advice you to not use images with extremely light background. Also, make sure that the text at the top is still readable after inserting the background image.





    You can use the presentation template when giving presentation related to Inter-Actief. This template contains a title slide and a default slide that can be used when making presentation. The templates is suited for widescreen presentations.


    This is how it works

    1. Download the template and open it.
    2. Fill in your name and committee on the title page.
    3. Insert the title as a footnote.
    4. Now you can add new slides.


    Business cards

    The business card template consists of two parts in two seperate files, the front and back of the card.

    The files contain a margin of 3mm so the printer can cut them more easily. Please tell this to the printer and also make sure the format is 85x55mm.


    front back